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Bringing customer communication into the digital age

From chatbots to voice technology, read about how food and beverage brands are adapting their communication strategies for today's digital consumers.

Chefs say 86 these dishes, ingredients in 2018

Put down the pumpkin spice and step away from the jarred salad. Chefs weigh in on what trends to skip in 2018.

Holiday treats, news from In-N-Out drew SmartBrief readers this week

From holiday candy preferences to In-N-Out's expansion plans, see which stories were most popular among SmartBrief's food and beverage readers this week.

Looking back on 2017: The culture of food and beverage

Looking back on yet another year of dynamic change in the food and beverage industry, one constant we see is that consumers are still the major disruptive force.

Is zero waste achievable in the restaurant industry?

As restaurants become increasingly focused on cutting waste, many are taking innovative steps to meet their goals.

Changes at Chobani, Campbell Soup and Buffalo Wild Wings

Changes at Chobani, Campbell Soup and Buffalo Wild Wings

Q&A: Guerrilla Tacos tells the story of an LA chef and his one-of-a-kind taco truck

Chef and founder of Guerrilla Tacos Wesley Avila and co-author Richard Parks III discuss how Avila's experiences in LA and beyond led him to launch the brand and book.

Shelf-stable options expand opportunities for cold brew coffee
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The smooth taste of cold brew coffee has made it a must-have for consumers, who are embracing bottled versions that offer authentic taste and portability.

Restaurant tech evolution: Personalizing access and experience

From mobile apps to chatbots, the restaurant industry is changing, and eateries must keep pace with digital diners. Read some best practices from execs from the North Highland Company.

As with many consumer-driven mega-trends that have achieved mainstream stature following years of lurking on the fringes of culture, consumer involvement with all things “sustainable” is now at an all-time high.

New snacks bring plant-based trend to the center of the store

Food brands are introducing new packaged crackers, chips and other snacks with a focus on nutrition and helping shoppers increase their plant intake.

Little Debbie creates a social media stir with snack-related tweet

Sweet snack brands Little Debbie, Hostess, Ferrero, Mars made news this week.

Five lessons as millennials mature and evolve

We not only uncover how the subgroups within this generation think and behave differently, but we also dive into how millennials differ from the population overall. Here are five early findings.

Report: How millennials, service and engagement are trending on social in food and beverage

A recent report identified millennials, customer service and engagement as major social trends. Find out how they play into SmartBrief's coverage of food and beverage news.

This week’s top 10 was heavy with CPG and food retail news, particularly stories having to do with Amazon.