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Hurricane Harvey

When hurricanes strike the Texas Gulf Coast, industry and government must work together to prepare, respond and recover.

Project management

A key principle of sound project management is the proper definition of roles and responsibilities.

Toxic culture

3 things you should do if you realize your organization is developing a toxic culture.


All sorts of industries are forced to go understaffed. Here are some ways to deal with that.


Individuals, teams and organizations all have a role to play if we want to turn #MeToo into action.


11 young entrepreneurs offer advice on finding the right mentor.

Mind of the Leader

Research and a new book suggest that at least part of good leadership starts in your mind.

Last week's poll question: Have you ever had a salesperson ask you to tell them a story so they can get to know you?


Credibility is your ally, and you build that through not only through hard work, but also how you interact with and support others.


The challenge for anyone in leadership today is to challenge the veracity of what they hear by immersing themselves in a diversity of thought so they come to hear ideas other than their own.


The chemical industry and other stakeholders are still learning from Hurricane Harvey.


The American Chemistry Council's GlobalChem conference showcased how environmental groups and the plastics industry are working to keep plastics out of waterways.


Leaders can't protect against every danger, but they can help with their employees' psychological safety.


Spot the early warning signs of a sickness within your organization.