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Traits associated with emotional intelligence make for better leaders, and while these traits may seem natural and inborn, they can also be learned, fostered, developed and honed.


Listening is a leadership responsibility that does not appear in the job description. It isn’t hard, either, but it does require commitment.

Top 10: Diet Coke's new look, Dunkin's smaller menu

The new look and line of flavors that Coca-Cola rolled out for Diet Coke was the most-clicked story among SmartBrief food and beverage readers this week.


For visions to be useful tools, they can’t be relegated to posters and badge cards. They must become a living and breathing part of day-to-day work and interactions.

Q&A: How Premier Nutrition grows talent through collaboration and gives back to the community
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Premier Nutrition Corporation President Darcy Horn Davenport discusses how cultivating a corporate culture that encourages collaboration and giving back to the community helps PNC nurture talent and stay competitive in the active nutrition category.

Last year laid the foundation for great innovation in audio technology now

Fred Ende discusses how to apply some of Tom Guskey’s philosophies to professional learning.


What is your guidepost? Your motivation? Can you describe it in a sentence?

How to design a successful in-store promotional program

Grocers and manufacturers have myriad opportunities to deliver in-store promotional programs -- determine the best way to make an impact with these tips.


Learn to listen, not just bide time until you get to speak again.

Prepare for your best work year yet with these tips

Change the focus

How one school cut tardies and improved behavior by shifting its focus of discipline.

Body language

Recognizing body language in others -- and yourself -- can help resolve and prevent conflicts.

What’s trending? From inclusive classrooms to ESSA pilots, don’t miss these most-read stories.

Nestle, General Mills, Amazon top this week's most popular food and beverage stories

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